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Parent Tip Sheet

Helpful Tips 

Tips for students:


Come to Mrs. Stanfield or Mr. Ross with any piece of threat of violence, bullying etc. that you have – especially if it is during school hours. Telling a trusted adult keeps people safe.


Use the Safe2Say Hotline for threats of violence/harm against self or others outside of school hours. If using Safe2Say Hotline, be sure to stay online after submitting the tip in the event further information is needed.


Do not contribute to threat rumors and misinformation by spreading electronic and other messages you receive from other youth.


Be kinder, more respectful in how you treat one another and make posts in the social media world. 


Parent tips:


If parents are anxious, that will be one of the most important drivers of a child’s anxiety. Do your best to stay calm about the situation and talk to your child about his/her fears.


Be receptive to answering your child’s questions and make sure they know the lines of communication are open to discuss any aspect of a school situation.


Reassure kids that adults at school are taking steps to keep them safe and they should make adults aware of any concerns they have about their safety at school or to-and-from school.


Take the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with kids about the importance of being more thoughtful in posts and communications and about the consequences that could arise if they say something they don't mean. Talk about being more kind and respectful to one another.


Parents should heed all of this same advice. Come to Mrs. Stanfield/Mr. Bechdel with concerns of violence, rumors, etc. during the school day and do not contribute to threat rumors or misinformation on social media.  At night, use the Safe 2 Say hotline.  Be sure to stay online after submitting the tip, in the event further information is needed.