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Complaint Resolution

Towanda Area School District Title I Program
Complaint Resolution Process
As required by ESSA and NCLB
It is the goal of the Towanda Area School District’s Title I program to address all concerns and/or complaints about our program and/or procedures fairly, openly, and with the upmost urgency. However, if a mutual agreement cannot be reached, these are the procedures for filing an official complaint.
Submitting a Complaint
The complaint must be a written, signed statement filed by an individual or an organization. It must include:
  • A statement that PDE or the Towanda Area School District (TASD) has violated a requirement of the federal statute or regulations which apply to programs under the Every Student Succeeds and No Child Left Behind Acts.
  • The facts on which the statement is based.
  • Information on any discussions, meetings or correspondence with PDE or the Towanda Area School District regarding the complaint.
The written complaint must be sent to the office of the superintendent;
Dennis Peachey, Superintendent

Towanda Area School District

State St. & Western Ave

P.O. Box 231

Towanda, PA 18848
Complaint Resolution Procedures
  1. Referral – Complaints against the Towanda Area School District Title I program or appeals from their decision regarding complaints will be referred to the Regional Coordinator.
  2. Notice to the Towanda Area School District – the Regional Coordinator will notify the superintendent that a complaint or appeal has been received, will provide a copy, and will direct TASD to respond.
  3. Investigation – After receiving the TASD’s response, the Regional Coordinator will determine whether further investigation is necessary. If necessary, the Regional Coordinator may carry out an independent investigation on-site at the Towanda Area SD.
  4. Opportunity to Present Evidence – The Regional Coordinator may, in his or her discretion, provide for the complaint, the complaint’s representative, or both, and the TASD to present evidence. Such presentation may include the opportunity for each side to question parties to the dispute and any of their witnesses.
  5. Report and Recommended Resolution – Once the Regional Coordinator has finished any investigation and taking of evidence, he or she will prepare a final report with a recommendation for resolving the complaint or appeal. The final report will give the name of the party bringing the complaint or appeal, the nature of the complaint or appeal, a summary of the investigation, the recommended resolution, and the reasons for the recommendation. The Regional Coordinator will issue the report to all parties to the complaint or appeal. The recommended resolution will become effective upon issuance of the final report.
  6. Follow-up – The Regional Coordinator will insure that the resolution of the complaint or appeal is implemented.
  7. Time Limit – The period between PDE’s receipt of a complaint or appeal and its resolution shall not exceed sixty (60) calendar days. The Towanda Area School District will comply with the resolution as soon as possible.
  8. Extension of Time Limit – The Chief of the Division of Federal Programs may extend the 60 day time limit if exceptional circumstances exist with respect to a particular complaint or appeal.
  9. Right to Appeal – Either party may appeal the final resolution to the United States Secretary of Education.
Filing the Complaint
Complaints are to be addressed to:
Susan McCrone, Division Chief

Division of Federal Programs

Pennsylvania Department of Education

333 Market Street, 7th Floor

Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333