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My journey as an educator in the Towanda Area School District began in 1991 when I moved to Towanda.  Having substituted for a year, here and in the surrounding school districts, I found my place teaching geometry and algebra on the 3rd floor of what, at that time, was only the Towanda High School.

I left the high school for 8 years to raise my three children.  During this interim, I continued to work as an educator enjoying positions as an adjunct professor for Keystone College and Lackawanna College. In addition, some of my favorite years was spent teaching 2 and 3 year olds at the Doodlebug Preschool in Monroeton.

I returned to teaching mathematics at the Towanda High School in 2003.  The school district was in the midst of many changes.  Construction, scheduling and reconfiguring the buildings and students was at its peak. I remained on the 3rd floor teaching geometry until the youngest of my 3 children graduated from the Towanda Jr/Sr High School in 2017. 

Having enjoyed many years with high school students, colleagues, and watching my own children progress through Towanda Area School District, I chose to move to the elementary school in 2016--for no other reason than to teach mathematics at a different level.  This shift has revitalized my love for teaching—especially teaching mathematics.