Towanda Student Receives Award of Excellence from the Congress of Future Medical Leaders

In June 2019, high school students from all over the country gathered at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Boston for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, hosted by New Charter University of Salt Lake City, Utah, in cooperation with the American Medical Student Association, the American College of Surgeons, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, The Society of Torch and Laurel, and College Admission Central. To receive an invitation to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, a student has to have aspirations of becoming a physician, scientist, or technologist in the medical field, have demonstrated leadership potential, and have a cumulative or current GPA of 3.5 or higher. 
As part of the conference, Hannah had the opportunity to watch a live knee surgery, which she said "only made me a little queasy at first, but then it was really interesting." She also took advantage of the opportunity to attend lectures by a variety of medical researchers, including some Nobel Laureates in the fields of physiology, medicine, and/or chemistry. Lecturers also included students who are already leading medical research and inventions.
Hannah chose to accept the invitation to attend the Congress to further explore her interest in medical research. She was surprised by the amount of time the researchers spend traveling and living overseas in order to pursue their research interests.
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