Senior Play

The play tells the story of the search for an actress to play "Jezebel O'Toole" in Lone Pine Films new extravaganza.  It is a spoof of the real-life search around the film, “Gone With The Wind’. There are twists and turns along the way.

There will be basket raffles and baked goods. Please come and support the students. Tickets are $8-general admission & $6-students and senior citizens.

Cast and crew for the production are Dominic Tavani, Kylie Ocasio, Brianna Carlin, Rebeckah Roof, Katrina Roof, Derek Harrington, Zoe Czajkowski, Kaigan Stroop, Lucy Fink, Chayalin Carle, Natalie Stanton, Jessica Hartmann, Gabby Larcom, Taylor Marshall, Maximiliano Vega, Madigan Allen, Blaze Wood, Noah Poll, Lily Rice, Torrah Dughi, Seneca George, Raul Hernandez, Jonnilei Abrams, Charity Jones, Dacion Yrigollen, Alex Perez, Aidan Hennessy, and Samuel Tavani.

Some of the cast members at a recent rehearsal are shown getting ready for the "Creature Feature" in “It’s a Crazy, Crazy Business” a rousing song from the show...