Deliveries will take place on our regular bus routes by our bus contractors on a two hour delay time schedule (7 AM pickup will be 9 AM). This week’s deliveries will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Parents must come out to the bus when it stops to pick up their bagged meals. Parents are also welcome to pick up the meals at the Towanda Elementary School (old Middle School) back by the track from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM on these days. Next week’s schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the same times.
CHOP (Childhood Hunger Outreach Program) will also be providing bags of food for the weekend on Fridays. Please consider helping
CHOP provide these meals by donating at
Thank you to all of the Towanda Area School District employees, bus contractors, CHOP and community for their time, kindness and willingness to collaborate for our students.