Graduation Instructions

Caps:  Tastefully/appropriately decorated.  If you have any questions whether your idea is appropriate – ASK.   If it is not and you arrive on graduation night with an inappropriate design, you WILL NOT wear an inappropriate cap. 

Seniors are expected to bring and wear their class of 2020 masks at all times.  During the ceremony there are a few times that seniors will be permitted to take them off.  Please know this is because we need to do everything possible to follow CDC guidelines. 

                If a senior is giving a speech, singing in the choir, or performing in the band he/she is permitted to take his/her mask off for this.  We ask that you please wear your mask up to the area where you will perform and then take the mask off.    Please keep the mask in your hand, or place in a pocket if you have one.  (Do not set on the podium) After your performance/speech, please put your mask back on and return to your seat.

                During the section of the ceremony where diplomas are presented:  Seniors should wear their mask up in line until they get to Mrs. VanNess.  At that point, seniors are permitted to take his/her mask off as their name is called for the diploma presentation.  We ask that after you receive your diploma that you please put your mask back on to return to your seat. 


Guests will have a staggered arrival.  Times are 5:00, 5:15 and 5:30 pm.   These arrival times are written on the back of each ticket.   This is to ensure there is as much social distancing protocols followed as possible, so please be sure your parents/guests understand it is important to arrive at their scheduled time according to seat.   

All guests will be admitted up the hill first with a parking pass, secondly they will be admitted into the stadium with a ticket and a mask.  All guests are expected to wear their masks at all times once entering school property on graduation night.  Please help us to follow CDC guidelines by wearing your mask during our graduation ceremony.

No guest will be permitted on school property without a ticket.  Law enforcement will assist us in this area. No one will be able to stand or sit on the hill or near the stadium without a ticket.

Guests will ALSO have a staggered departure.  ALL GUESTS should REMAIN in their seats at the conclusion of graduation until their seat area is dismissed.  No guests should be congregating together after graduation, but should instead go immediately to their vehicles for departure.