TAES Picture Day

Where will you need to bring your student(s):

Towanda area Elementary School- Please park in the parent drop off location. One parent/guardian may accompany the student(s) while any other parent/guardians are asked to remain in their vehicle. The student(s) and their parent/guardian will enter the school through the library’s side door. There will be a staff member to guide the students to the location and to help ensure that social distancing protocols are being followed to ensure all student(s) safety. Students and their parent/guardian are required to wear a mask during the time that they are here, but the student will remove their mask when their picture is being taken. If the parent/guardian should choose to not wear a mask, we ask that you wait in the car and do not accompany your student(s). If the student does not have a mask, a mask will be provided for them during their photo opportunity visit.

Date: September 15, 2020

Time: Please follow the schedule below:

5:30-6:00-Families with students in multiple grade levels (family time)

The following times are for families with only one student in the school and grade level.

6:00-6:15- 3rd Grade

6:15-6:30- 4th Grade

6:30-6:45- 5th Grade

6:45-7:00-6th Grade