For information about the importance of conferences, please check out this blog post: Blog Archives - Meacham Park NIA.

Here’s what you can expect when you attend a conference:

  • You will meet with the teacher in their classroom (you may need to wait in the hall if the teacher is talking with another parent).
  • The teacher will share some information about what they are seeing in the classroom. The teacher may show you some examples of work or recent tests.
  • The teacher will invite you to ask questions or share any thoughts or concerns that you may have. The teacher will listen to what you have to share. (It may help to have a list of questions to ask. For some good examples, check out this website: Questions to ask during a parent teacher conference - MSU Extension).
  • Together, you and the teacher will come up with a plan to work together and communicate with each other, if needed.
  • Your meeting with the teacher will last for 15 minutes. If you need to meet with other teachers, please be sure to call ahead to schedule those meetings.

By working together, our students can go farther. Please call now to schedule your conference with teachers.