Dual Enrollment Program with Lackawanna College

Dear Parents and Students,

     The Towanda Area School District is pleased to announce that it has established a partnership with Lackawanna College in the form of a Dual Enrollment Program for high school juniors and seniors. This program will allow qualified students to earn college credit at a dramatically reduced rate while still completing their high school requirements. The discounted tuition rate is $100/credit (i.e. a standard 3 credit course would cost $300).

     The college credits earned in this program will most likely be transferable to the college or university of your choice upon graduation. To help ensure transferability, Lackawanna College participates in several articulation agreements including the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Academic Passport program as well as direct transfer agreements with many of the local and regional public/private schools. In past years, Lackawanna College students have transferred credits to various colleges and universities including Mansfield, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Penn State, Lehigh, Marywood, Misericordia, Temple, West Chester and Keystone College.

     A meeting was held to explain the program to students enrolled in courses on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017. Interested students can pick up registration forms in the Guidance Office. A representative from Lackawanna College will be at Towanda Jr/Sr High School on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to collect registration forms and payments. Checks should be made payable to “Lackawanna College.” No registrations/payments will be accepted after this deadline.

     A list of Towanda Jr/Sr High School courses that have been approved for both high school and college credit is printed on the reverse side of this letter. If parents or students have questions about this program, please contact the guidance office at (570)268-2059.















Lackawanna College


Dual Enrollment Course Offerings for Towanda Area High School

for the 2017-18 school year. These courses will be taught by certified adjunct faculty only at Towanda Area High School.


Principles of Accounting (ACC 105) – 3 credits

TAHS – Accounting I


College Algebra (MAT 120) – 3 credits

TAHS – Accelerated Pre-Calculus


Statistics and Data Analysis (MAT 135) – 3 credits

TAHS – AP Statistics or Accelerated Statistics


College Writing (ENG 105) – 3 credits

TAHS – AP English


Intro to Literature (ENG 110) – 3 credits

TAHS – Accelerated English III


Intro to Psychology (PSY 105) – 3 credits

TAHS – Sociology/Psychology


U.S. History I (HIS 105) – 3 credits

TAHS – AP History


World History (HIS 130) – 3 credits

TAHS – Accelerated World History


Elementary Spanish I (SPN 101) – 3 credits

TAHS – Spanish III or IV


Forensic Science (CHM 110) – 3 credits

TAHS – Forensic Science


General Biology I / Lab (BIO 120/121) – 4 credits

TAHS – AP Biology


General Chemistry I / Lab (CHM 120/121) – 4 credits

TAHS – AP Chemistry


General Physics I/Lab (PHY 120/121) – 4 credits

TAHS – Accelerated Physics


Anatomy & Physiology (BIO 205) – 4 credits

TAHS – Anatomy & Physiology


Calculus (MAT 225) – 4 credits

TAHS - AP Calculus


The following additional courses will be offered to Towanda Area students at both the Lackawanna College Towanda Center and online (when available):


Introduction to Computer Applications (CIS 105)

Introduction to Sociology (SSC 105)

Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 105)

Effective Speaking (COM 125)