9th grade student meetings held

     Earlier this month, the Towanda Jr. Sr. High school guidance counselors held individual appointments with 9th grade students in regards to their future career plans.  During the meeting, students were asked to fill out an academic/career plan which will be revisited each year during high school.  Students also mapped out a tentative plan of courses that they should take during the next 3 years of high school as it relates to their current career interest.  The guidance counselors discussed financial literacy as it pertains to attending any type of postsecondary education after high school graduation.  The students’ reviewed their career interest inventory which most completed last year in 8th grade, and some students completed a new one this year.  The goal of a career interest inventory is to tie students’ interests and abilities with future careers.  These careers range from ones that can be accessed with a high school diploma as well as careers that will require postsecondary education. 

     In planning for the future, we explored necessary core course and electives that will assist students to become better prepared for the next level.  We are excited to begin to offer more specific electives in the years to come in an effort to give students more knowledge in the career cluster of their choice.  We are expanding our job shadowing opportunities so that students get a first-hand view of someone in our community who may be in a career field of interest to students. 

     We always welcome parent involvement so if parents would like to come in and meet with a guidance counselor please contact our office at (570)268-2059.