Troops to Teachers

PA has been awarded a federal grant to support this outreach at a state level and, in addition, to provide eligible veterans with an alternative career pathway to teaching though the innovative Regional Partnerships programs. The national Troops to Teachers program is online at The general PA Troops to Teachers outreach contact is Dr. Jane Heiple, 


Who is eligible to participate?

Any eligible veteran can benefit from Troops to Teachers general assistance.  Veterans who are interested in the Troops to Teachers Regional Partnerships Programs at Slippery Rock and West Chester must qualify to enter a teaching program in secondary math, secondary science, or a foreign language, PK-12. Eligible candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate competencies in the area in which they will be certified. 


What will their certification pathway include?

Coursework and a year-long 'slow release' residency with a university partner district.


In the current PA program, what areas can they be certified?

Secondary math, secondary science, or a foreign language, PK-12