THS Keystone Exams

The Keystone Biology Exam will be administered to all 10th and 11th grade students who did not demonstrate proficiency on the 2017-2018 Biology Keystone Exam on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.  The biology assessment will address the concepts of Cells, Cell Processes, and Continuity and Unity of Life.  Students will respond to both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.  These Keystone Exam questions will ask students to explain, analyze, describe, or compare in their answers.

The Keystone Algebra Exam will be administered to all 9th, 10th & 11th grade students who did not demonstrate proficiency on the 2017-2018 Keystone Algebra Exam on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.  This assessment measures student achievement in Operations and Linear Equations/Inequations, Linear Functions and Data Organization.  Students will be presented with multiple-choice and open-ended questions.  Some questions will also require students to create graphs, plots, or drawings.

The Keystone Literature Exam will be administered to all 11th grade students who did not demonstrate proficiency on the 2017-2018 Literature Keystone Exam on Thursday, December 6, 2018.  Students will respond to both multiple choice and open-ended tasks in these tests.  These assessments are intended to evaluate performances of individual students and to provide comparative data about the school’s reading and literature programs.

A copy of the individual student results will be sent to the school district for distribution to parents, teachers, guidance counselors and principals. The state will not receive any reports with individual names included.  Results will be reported by school for curricular and planning purposes.  School districts will publish the results of Keystone Exam testing for each school.  The state will also release school-by-school assessment data.

Parents who do not want their child to respond to a specific prompt or to participate in the assessment due to a conflict with their religious beliefs must first review the tests by contacting the High School Guidance Office on or after December 3, 2018.  Confidentiality agreements must be signed and no copies of the Keystone Exams or notes about exam questions will be permitted to leave the school.  Parents must then write a note to the School District Superintendent, Mr. Dennis Peachey, to excuse their child from the assessment.

Please remember that we cannot achieve our best Keystone Exam results without your help and support.  Please make sure your child is well-rested during the testing period and has a good breakfast each morning.  Please let your child know that you value his or her doing his or her individual best on these tests.