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Keystone Exams

Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments for students enrolled in Algebra 1, Biology, or Literature (English 10). Current law requires students to successfully pass each Keystone Exam as a condition for graduation in the 2020-2021 school year. Students are offered multiple opportunities to take the Keystone Exams throughout their high school career. For more information about the Exams, please see here.


Keystone Exams are divided into 2 modules. For a better understanding of the test design, please see here.


Keystone Test Dates



December 4, 2018

Algebra 1

December 5, 2018


December 6, 2018




May 14, 2019


May 15, 2019

Algebra 1

May 16, 2019


As a resource to students and parents, please use these resources to help prepare for the Keystone Exams.



Keystone Exams (PDE)

Performance Level Descriptors - Algebra I, Biology and Literature



Item and Scoring Sampler - Algebra I - 2017

Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content - Algebra I with Sample Items

General Scoring Guideline - Algebra I

PRACTICE TEST (from Seneca Valley School District)

            ANSWER KEY (from Seneca Valley School District)


Module 1

1.1 Operations


1.2 Linear Equations and Systems

1.3 Linear Inequalities and Systems of Inequalities

Module 2
2.1 Functions and Patterns

2.2 Coordinate Geometry

2.3 Probability and Data Analysis



Item and Scoring Sampler - Biology - 2017

Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content - Biology with Sample Items

General Scoring Guideline - Biology

Biology Flashcards

Key Vocabulary

YouTube Bozeman Science Tutorials

Biology Keystone Module 1 Practice Test (from Peters Township School District)

Biology Keystone Module 2 Practice Test (from Peters Township School District)


Module 1

  • Basic Biological Principles


  • The Chemical Basis for Life


  • Bioenergetics


  • Homeostasis and Transport

Module 2

2.1 Cell Growth and Reproduction

2.2 Genetics

2.3 Theory of Evolution

2.4 Ecology



Item and Scoring Sampler - Literature - 2017

Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content - Literature with Sample Items

General Scoring Guideline - Literature

Keystone Literature Exam Glossary

            PRACTICE TEST (from Curwensville Area School District)


Module 1

  • Reading for Meaning – Fiction
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature – Fiction


Module 2

2.1 Reading for Meaning – Nonfiction

2.2 Analyzing and Interpreting Literature – Nonfiction