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Goals / Evaluation

Objective Performance Standards

Goal 1: Organizational Leadership - MET
The Superintendent will develop and direct the work of the district staff toward reaching the district goals established in the 4-year Comprehensive Plan.
Goal 2: Culture of Learning - MET
The Superintendent will promote personalized student and staff success by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a district culture and instructional program conducive to learning and growth.
Goal 3: Professional Growth - MET
The Superintendent will ensure the implementation of a teacher and principal effectiveness evaluation system within the district that includes student achievement measures and aligns with State expectations.


Superintendent Evaluations

School Year: 2018/2019

Evaluation: 9/17/2019


School Year: 2019/2020

Evaluation: 7/21/2020


School Year: 2020/2021

Evaluation: 6/30/2021


School Year: 2021/2022

Evaluation: 6/20/2022


School Year: 2022/2023



School Year: 2023/2024