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  • Teacher/Student interaction: Students in the Black Knight Academy receive live and self-paced instruction.
    • Instruction provided by district teachers, allowing students and parents close communication with their instructor.
    • Teachers provide direct instruction, office hours, and regularly scheduled family/student check-ins.
    • District staff offer support through frequent communication and updates.
    • Parents/Guardians can easily monitor student progress and grades, and contact the online instructor.
    • Students and teachers can participate in Parent Teacher Conferences held on-site during the year.
  • Curriculum: Black Knight Academy offers a full K-12 curriculum with over 60 courses and personalized academic levels.
    • The curriculum contains engaging videos, text to speech support, variety of assessments and text mark up tools.
    • A typical lessons includes videos, text, followed by a short quiz or assignment.
    • Offline work includes hands-on projects, activities, and opportunities for students to practice skills.
  • Flexibility: Parents have the flexibility to create a customized plan for students.
    • Students can take courses at their academic level, allowing them to take higher-level curriculum or receive remediation in specific subjects.
    • Online learners have the flexibility for pacing and completion of the curriculum.
    • Students stay enrolled in the district and can participate in district-sponsored events, clubs, and sports.
    • Black Knight Academy students can easily transfer back to traditional schooling if families decide it is appropriate.

The Towanda Area School District is proud of our Black Knight Academy. The Academy is a viable option for students looking for alternative education, and many students have been successful with this format. For students who are considering a cyber charter school, the Black Knight Academy is a cost-effective option that offers more than most cyber charter schools, including proven academic success, additional supports through face-to-face interactions, and the opportunity to participate in district events. Contact us to learn more (570-265-2101).