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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of courses are offered through the Black Knight Online Academy?

We offer marking period and semester length courses for students in grades K-12. We offer core academic courses in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as elective courses for Jr/Sr High School Students. There are a wide range of electives, including physical education, art, music, and more.


School district principals and guidance counselors will make specific recommendations for courses and course sequences, to ensure students will earn enough credits to graduate.


  • Who are the online teachers?

Black Knight Academy teachers are Towanda Area School District teachers. All of the course teachers hold appropriate certification as Pennsylvania educators. Teachers are the main point of contact for students and parents who have questions about content of the course. Online teachers provide virtual office hours, online tutoring and one-on-one guidance through the Academy portal. Online teachers also make necessary accommodations and adaptations to course content to meet the requirements of students with IEPs.


  • What if I need help with the course?

If you have questions about course content, you should contact your course teacher first. If you need additional assistance, please contact the school (570-265-2101) to speak with Mr. Spinney or Ms. Baker.  


  • What supports do you offer for students with special education needs?

Students with special education needs or IEPs are assigned a case manager (a Towanda Area School District special education teacher) upon enrollment. The case manager monitors the student’s progress toward meeting the goals of the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The case manager and the online teacher support the student while enrolled in the Black Knight Academy.


  • Will the diploma be different?

No. Students enrolled in the Black Knight Academy will receive a regular diploma from the Towanda Area School District indicating they have met all the requirements.


  • How does attendance work for online students?

Black Knight Online Academy students are expected to complete their coursework. Students must log into their courses each school day. In addition, students are given goals each week to complete a certain number of assignments. If students complete these assignments in that week, they are on-track, and will be considered in attendance. If students fail to complete the required number of assignments, students may be required to attend school to complete work until they are caught up on their coursework. Personnel from the school district will contact students and families if students are not logging in each day.


  • What equipment will I need?

Students enrolled in the Black Knight Academy will receive a laptop from the school district. Some courses will also require students need additional materials (common household items). Other than that, students should not need any other specific equipment. A printer may be helpful if students wish to print off their notes, but it is not required.


  • What about extra-curricular activities?

Students enrolled in the Black Knight Academy are considered Towanda students. As such, they are able to participate in extra-curricular activities. These would include athletics, as well as band or chorus, and student activity clubs. Please note that students are responsible for transportation to and from school for meetings and practices.


In addition, Black Knight Academy students are invited to participate in class field trips, provided they are in good standing with their grades, behavior, and attendance.


  • Will parents have access to grades?

Student grades are entered in Skyward each marking period. If parents wish to see individual assignment grades, they can access their parent account, which will enable them to see the online courses, including lessons, assignments, and assessment grades.


  • How do I enroll my student in the Black Knight Online Academy?

If you are interested in learning more about the Online Academy, you may contact:

Joel Spinney

Principal of Academic Affairs

570-265-2101 ext. 1920

[email protected]


Enrollment will begin in early August, but you are welcome to express interest at any point.